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We are a creative, responsible, multidisciplinary and professional team. Our goal is to unite our efforts to meet our clients’ objectives and exceed their expectations.
Managing Director

Francisco Soto

Francisco is Director and Founder of 121PR. With more than 20 years of experience in public relations, he has specialized in team building: recruiting, training, motivating and leading talent. He is graduated in Classical Philology and a master’s degree in Public Affairs from Purdue University (Indiana, USA). Given his passion for PR management and consulting, Francisco maintains direct and regular contact with all clients, journalists and opinion leaders.

Driven by a sustainable business approach, Francisco has managed media relations for clients such as Acer, Cognos, Energy system, OKI and many others, with which he continues to build and strengthen win-win relationships based on mutual and long-term loyalty.

Account Director

Rocío Rosón

Rocío is a multidisciplinary, demanding and observant professional. Her experience is vital to our team. She started at 121PR as an intern in 2006 and is now Account Director at 121PR. Since then, Rocío has managed the following accounts: Acer, ATTA (Technological Association for Water Treatment), Contigo, Legal DPG, Energy Sistem, Haman, Nfortec, PcComponentes, and SPC, among many others.

Previously, Rocío worked in the Communications Department of Adecco and in the Administration and Communications Department of the Spanish Federation of Aerobics and Fitness, where she led its internal magazine.


Juan Del Castillo

Juan is a multi-tasking professional and a tireless fighter that is committed and passionate about his work. Vocational journalist, he has been part of 121PR for more than 12 years, producing important results for clients such as Cellularline, devolo, Nero or Wiki, as well as other projects.

Prior to joining 121PR, Juan worked for different media of the IT sector like On Off or Grupo Tuexperto.com, as well as in sports media such as Penalty or Crack 10. In addition, he has experience as marketing technician for major events.



Luis is a multidisciplinary professional with prospective vision and critical thinking. Account Assistant at 121PR, his functions are to support the team in writing press releases, elaborating press clippings and translating documents.

His experience in the field of international relations provides strategic value to the international expansion Project of 121PR. In addition to having worked in the European External Action Service and in the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Venezuela, Luis has a great academic career that complements his practical knowledge. Bachelor in International Studies, Luis also has master’s degree in Diplomacy and International Relations from the prestigous Diplomatic School of Spain. Currently he is studying the Master’s Degree in Advanced Studies in Political Communication, taught at the Complutense University of Madrid.



Marta is a proactive and analytical professional with great organizational capacities. Since her incorporation as Account Executive at 121 PR in November 2016, she has managed the following accounts: Acer, Energy Sistem, Hama, Nfortec, PcComponents, SPC and Thermaltake.

Passionate about new communication possibilities, she has more than 3 years of experience as a journalist in the media sector, including magazines like S MODA (PRISA Magazines), Bface Magazine or Blizzard Entertainment (Wowsfera); as well as in press agencies like GBA Información Económica y Financiera.

Marta has a degree in Audiovisual Communication from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and a master’s degree in Communication and Fashion from the Instituto Europeo di Design.

Account Executive

Susana Amundarain

Susana is a creative, methodical, observant and multi-tasking professional with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

After several months of experience at Brainprise Consulting, in 2015 she began to develop as a professional at 121PR. After almost 3 years of experience at our agency, she is currently Executive of the accounts of Cellularline, Wiko, devolo and Nero.

ACCOUNT Executive


Raúl is Public Relations professional with broad experience in developing strategies for brand activation and content marketing. Since his incorporation as Senior Account Executive at 121PR in 2014, he has provided support in managing the accounts of Acer, Energy Sistem, PcComponentes, SPC, and Hama.

His career began in 2011 as a Freelance Journalist at Axel Springer (Nintendo Magazine), Panini (Game Master) and Norma Editorial (¡Dibus!). Currently, Raúl combines his work at 121PR with event management for his production company, MENTA, for brands such as Jägermeister, Electronic Arts or Weedmaps.

With a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Universidad de Salamanca and post-graduate studies at the Miami Ad School and IBAT College Dublin, Raúl’s passion is communication aimed at establishing and cultivating strategic relationships between brands and the media.



Sergio is a creative professional and a passionate about research in corporate communication. Prior to joining 121PR as an Account Assistant, he worked as a journalist at Diario Médico from Spain and Italy. Later on, Sergio was responsible for communications at Grupo Médico Jurídico Durango, where he took his first steps in the field of legal and health consulting. His experience as a reporter for sports media such as Realidad Blanca y Manda Pelotas confirms his multi-disciplinary skills.

Aside from being a vocational journalist, Sergio has a master’s degree in Communication in Organizations from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He is also an enthusiast of writing, eSports, and Japanese culture.



Maribel is specialized in audiovisual media and has more than 3 years of experience in digital and creative agencies. She has focused in developing her talent in the areas of web design and web development, as well as in digital strategies and social media management.

Maribel has a master’s degree from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and a specialization in Digital Marketing from the European Open Business School. Currently, she oversees web design and web developing at 121PR.



María is a professional with an administrative profile that is complemented by her proactiveness, consistency, observance and organizational capacities to achieve goals. Since joining 121PR as Office Manager, she has been responsible for planning, organizing and managing the administrative tasks of 121PR.

In addition to her degree in Business Administration, María has an MBA from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and a master’s degree in Marketing and Sales from the EAE Business School. Previously, she worked in the Public Sector, specifically, in Management and Finance of Science and Technology Projects.